Here at Suffolk Stove Installations we can provide everything you need to fit a wood burning stove into your home. From a flue liner installation and fireplace alteration to the simplest stove installation, we’re here to help. With our expert guidance you can be sure of making the right choice of wood burning stove for your home. 15 years experience of fitting stoves and flue systems helps us to give you support at every stage. From choosing the right wood stove to lighting and running it well when the job’s finished, we’ll provide you with personal and friendly help every step of the way.

Suffolk is only where we’re based so don’t be fooled by the name. We also cover large parts of Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire too.

Suffolk Stove Installations: Experienced HETAS Registered Stove Fitters

Our role is to help you make the right choices for your home improvement project so we go out of our way to give you honest, simple advice. Every home owner needs a thorough approach to their project. We pride ourselves on providing top quality work carried out by experienced HETAS registered stove fitters.

Suffolk Stove Installations is completely independent so there’s no limit to the stove brands we can supply. We also try our very best to supply any wood burning or multi fuel stove at internet prices.

With so many stoves to select from, choosing the right one can be a confusing process. We’ll try to make things as simple as possible and the project always begins by asking about YOUR needs. You can be sure that your style and design ideas are the focus of the project.

Twin Wall Chimney System Installation

Don’t have a chimney? That’s not a problem in the least!
Twin wall insulated flue systems are a highly engineered solution to the problem of not having a masonry chimney. These independent chimney systems can be built to pass through the building’s interior or can be built to pass through an external wall. There are lots of different manufacturers’ systems available which vary considerably in quality of construction and finished appearance. We prefer to use the Scheidel Eco ICID twin wall  system because of its high construction quality and wide range of available component parts to provide solutions to customers’ building needs.

Flexible Flue Liner Installation / Chimney Liner Installation

Choosing the right flexible chimney / flue liner for your project is crucial to getting the installation you need at the price you want. Flexible flue liners are made in either 316 grade or 904 grade stainless steel. Although both types are CE and BS approved, 316 chimney lining products are a lower grade of corrosion resistance and are most suited to wood burning application. The higher corrosion resistance of 904 grade flexible liner gives a far longer life if burning wood fuel but is most commonly used for situations such as…

  • where there’s a boiler on the stove
  • where the chimney is on an external wall which is going to lose heat to the outside world
  • where fossil fuels such as smokeless fuel are being routinely used

Whatever your situation, whatever your needs, Suffolk Stove Installations can help you through the planning and budgeting necessary to achieve the best chimney system solution for your installation.

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