Frequently Asked Questions

Does my chimney need to be re-lined?
Not always but 99% of the time it’s the best way to do the job and we prefer to do the job properly. Discharging flue gasses from a stove directly into a brick chimney has a high risk of causing problems and would only save a comparatively small cost so that’s not something we do. If your property was built after 1966 the chances are it’ll have an existing liner of some type. If the liner is a suitable size for the stove, is made of a material intended to withstand stove temperatures and has been suitably installed then we don’t necessarily need to re-line it.
What's the difference between 10 year and 25 year liner?
The majority of flue systems, regardless of who makes them, are made from either:
  • 316 grade Stainless Steel
  • 904 grade Stainless Steel
904 Stainless Steel is more corrosion resistant and carries a manufacturer warranty of 20 - 25 years. 316 Stainless Steel is still very corrosion resistant but only carries a 10 year warranty.
Why are some liners so cheap?
Just the same as there are budget tyres for sale there are also budget liners. They aren’t made to the same manufacturing standards and the end product, although acceptable, just isn’t as good as a liner made by a high profile manufacturer with a good name in the industry. We only use high quality liner made by the biggest manufacturer. Scheidel Rite Vent. You can’t buy a budget tyre and expect Pirelli performance. You can’t buy budget flue system and expect Scheidel performance. Stove price is also a matter of the manufacturers’ track record and build quality. To an extent you tend to get what you pay for but there are other factors too. Modern looking stoves are almost always more expensive than traditional looking ones. They take longer to make per unit and often use more expensive materials or manufacturing processes. Inset stoves are often more expensive than the free standing stoves they were based on. Most customers begin by compiling a shortlist of some of the stoves they’ve seen online then call us. Over the phone we can offer our own opinion on the stoves they’ve selected to help narrow their choices down.
How much will my project cost me?
That depends entirely on what’s involved but everyone needs to start somewhere. Most projects can be broken into 3 parts. Stove, flue system and building work. Once we’ve surveyed we can begin to give you a more definite idea but if you’re looking for a ball park starting point just call us up and we can work through a few things over the phone.
I have no chimney, can I still have a stove?
Yes. We often build twin walled flue systems to connect stoves to. Our Portfolio Gallery shows us doing exactly that. Twin walled flue systems are very very versatile and can come as close as 50mm from any combustible material and still be perfectly safe to use. That means we’re able to build a chimney for your stove in most locations in your home. A quick visit to take a look is all that’s needed and a quote will be on its way within hours. Contact Us today to book a site survey.
How do I register my product guarantee?
Please follow the link below to register your product guarantee