Flue Sweep & Stove Service

Sweeping the flue annually is an absolute necessity not only to ensure the flue is clear and safe but also to prevent excessive corrosion, ensure longevity and to stay in line with the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The arrangements and pricing for annual sweeping and servicing for summer 2018 remain the same as 2017 with two individually priced options:


  • Flue sweeping only– At the cost of £50 +VAT we will carry out a simple and straightforward sweeping of the flue
  • This is a basic, essential annual task to keep the flue clear, reduce the corrosive effect of soot upon the liner, reduce the risk of a chimney fire and to maintain the service record for warranty purposes. At the end of the sweeping procedure we will gladly offer any feedback on how the stove is being run and give advice accordingly should you wish. Each sweep will take about 30 mins on site.
  • Full premium service – At the cost of £100 +VAT we can combine sweeping of the flue with a stove service consisting of mechanism checks and adjustments, firebox clean out and stove re-spray
  • In addition to the flue sweeping we will vacuum out the firebox, inspect wear & tear to firebricks, check the rope seals on the door, check the rope seals on the door glass, make any adjustments to hinges, handles, air controls or catches, lubricate any moving parts, re-spray the stove with high temp paint. This full service not only ensures the best possible stove performance but also gets the stove looking GREAT at the end of the burning season to make it an attractive feature of the room over the summer period. Each premium service will take approx. 60 minutes on site.

Necessary replacement parts such as door rope, glass, internal bricks, baffle plates, etc. ARE NOT INCLUDED in the package, but they can be provided on the day. NB – We will need to be advised in advance if you suspect that additional parts are going to be necessary.

We can only offer this stove maintenance in the off-season summer months to existing customers, so book early to avoid disappointment. NB. If you have had your wood burner installed after January 2017 then sweeping and service is not essential.